Thursday, March 18, 2010

[movie soundtrack - Italy 1972]

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  1. Thanks a lot for this fantastic share!
    Can you post a fix for the 2nd track since it's a bit corrupted at the beginning?
    "Music by Romolo Grano, directed and arranged by Berto Pisano (produced by Palumbo). Original Italian pressing on the PEGASO Label (PG 7) from 1972. Super-obscure and unreleased soundtrack themes for a film directed by Giulio Questi. In general, this promo Lp is very psychedelic and wonderfully macabre with that Italian giallo thriller / '70s euro horror movie sound of the period. L'UOMO CON SE STESSO is a superb example of psych jazz and bossa with exquisite viola motifs and beautiful scat chorus from Edda Dell'Orso. SACRO E PROFANO is much more spatial and darker but still very beautiful with Alessandroni style fuzz distortions / solo viola sounds / sparse use of percussion / droning hammond / woodwind and orchestrations. PERCEZIONI EXTRA SENSORIALE is yet another long, strung-out composition of supernatural ambience. Exotic, other-wordly sounds from the orchestra with electric vibes / hammond / ghostly sound FX / fuzz / treated viola / metallic taps and acoustic notes. Edda's voice is filtered in here and there, especially over the climatic last minute. INTROVERSIONE uses roughly the same musical formulae and there is even a pagan folk oddity on here called TARANTATA. A gorgeous score mixing refined orchestral jazz with experimental / art-house flair. One for the Italian Library connoisseur. Very rare and desirable Lp!!!"