Friday, March 19, 2010

Erotiki Simfonia
[movie soundtrack - Greece 1972]

>>> here <<<


  1. how about giving credit to who or where you got these links from? you should at the very least acknowledge where you're getting these links from. especially considering the fact that most of these links came from franklynot, i don't think they would appreciate you posting all their links on your own blog like this. not cool.

  2. File sharing is illegal, you know? You are bandit, so and I am a bandit. Problems? We are the same thing, baby. Don't worry about it and enjoy music!

  3. no honor amongst thieves? there is an unspoken moral code of etiquette in the blogosphere, and there are many people who don't like to see files that they have shared within a small community of friends to be shared to the public. if they did, they would have shared it on a blog of their own. you are free to do as you please, i am not here to tell you what to do. i just thought i'd point this out in case you were not aware that what you are doing is not appreciated by the original uploaders. is it so hard to give credit to the original uploader? all it takes is a simple 'thanks to _____ for sharing" or "originally posted by_______ at'. it's just common courtesy. by omitting this, you make these same people not want to share anything any longer and guess what? in the end, we all lose...