Thursday, July 16, 2009

Viaggio attraverso i problemi dell'uomo: Spazio
[LP - Italy 197? - 12 tks.]

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  1. Gianni Mazza - "Spazio (Viaggio attraverso i problemi dell'uomo)" RRC AG 108 (197x)

    "Original Italian pressing on RRC label (AG 108), from circa 1971. Seldom heard and superb Italian psych / experimental prog jazz session from the cult arranger. Lots of psychedelic riffs / fuzz distortions / analogue electronics / spinette / zither / cembalo / exotic and un-earthly sounds. The heavily treated guitars on these tripped-out themes were most probably played by either Silvano Chimenti / Angelo Baroncini / Alessandroni or Bruno Battisti D'Amario as all 4 session men recorded for this label. Produced by Fly Library / Horo Jazz label owner, Aldo Sinesio and recorded at Piero Umiliani's Sound Work Shop studio in Rome. Stoned wah wah and feed-back, weird jazz and metalic sounds on IMPREVISTO SPAZIALE / tape manipulation, over dubs, backward guitars and hammond on the amazing DIMENSIONE ENNE / plucked keys and haunting riffs on CIVILTA' AMICA / uncomfortable screams, reverb, fizzing electronics and wind sounds on ESSERI IGNOTI / strange treated percussion, humming and other-wordly ambience throughout PIANETA OSTILE / baroque prog keyboards throughout PIU' VICINI AL SIGNORE etc etc. Dark, macabre, hostile and beautiful compositions for elite Library collectors. The disturbing fuzz guitars remind us of Alessandroni's bizarre horror sex film, The Devil's Nightmare aka La Notte Terrificante Del Demonio. Same label as The Pawnshop - Telegraph Is Calling single. Very rare Lp!!! Full track listing: L'APPRODO / CIVILTA' AMICA / SERENITA' / ESSERI IGNOTI / MARE DELLA TRANQUILLITA' / DIMENSIONE ENNE / IMPREVISTO SPAZIALE / DISSOLVENZA / IMPULSI / RISVEGLIO COSMICO / PIANETA OSTILE / PIU' VICINI AL SIGNORE"

    my vinyl rip at 320 Kbps
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